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La presbiopia (i greci ‚vecchio‘ πρέσβυς), noto anche come lungimiranza , è un difetto dell’occhio associato con l’età che di [...]
La LASIK ( Laser Assisted In Situ keratomileusis ) è una chirurgia refrattiva per correggere la miopia, ipermetropia e astigmatismo. chirurgia LASIK è [...]
PRK chirurgia refrattiva
La chirurgia refrattiva , conosciuta anche con l’acronimo PKR (chirurgia refrattiva) è una procedura chirurgica che utilizza il laser per il [...]
Chirurgia refrattiva
La chirurgia refrattiva è un insieme di procedure chirurgiche che alterano l’anatomia dell’occhio , soprattutto la cornea , eliminando gli [...]
The uvea is the vascular layer of the eye beneath the sclera , consists of three structures: the iris , the ciliary body and choroid , forming a pigment [...]
Mesopic vision
The mesopic vision is a vision intermediate (intermediate between the photopic and scotopic ) that occurs in situations of illumination , which without [...]
Photopic vision
The photopic vision is the visual perception occurs with daytime lighting levels (at full light of day). This view allows the correct interpretation of [...]
Scopic vision
The scotopic vision is that visual perception occurs with very low light levels. 1 Visual acuity is low and reception of light is mainly with canes of the [...]
Vortex vein
The vortex veins are sets of veins located in the eye . They are originating from the choroid and flow into the upper and lower ophthalmic veins. In the [...]
Tarsus (eyelid)
The shanks are two relatively thick elongated plate of dense connective tissue, measuring about 2.5 cm long; There is one on each eyelid , and help define [...]
Tapetum lucidum
The tapetum lucidum is a fabric layer located on the back of the eye of many animals vertebrates . It may be located in the retina , or behind it in the [...]
Human visual system
In the Human Visual System we define photoreceptors as that cell or mechanism capable of capturing light. The photoreceptors are located inside the eye and [...]
Anterior segment of the eye
The anterior segment is the third front of the eye of fish that includes the structures in front of the vitreous humor : the cornea , the iris , the [...]
Tear sac
Connect the tear ducts , that drain tears from the eye surface, with nasolacrimal duct driving this fluid into the nasal cavity. Works primarily when there [...]
The rhodopsin is a transmembrane protein that, in humans, is in the records of the rods of the retina . It consists of a protein part, opsin , and a non [...]
The retinoscopy is a technique used to measure the refractive power of the eye interpreting the light reflected on the retina to light it with a [...]
The vertebrate retina is a light-sensitive tissue located on the inner surface of the eye . It is similar to a canvas where the images are projected. The [...]
Trabecular meshwork
The trabecular meshwork is a network of tissues spongy located around the base of the cornea near the ciliary body . It is responsible for the drainage of [...]
The pupil is a structure of the eye consisting of a hole in the central part of the iris through which light penetrates into the eyeball. It is a dilatable [...]
Tear point
The lacrimal canaliculi , one on each eyelid, starting with a tiny hole known as punctal (also as punctum tear or lacrimal point ). These holes are located [...]
Blind point
The blind spot , also known as optic papilla , blind spot or optic disc , is the area of ​​the retina from which the optic nerve arises . This area of the [...]
Visual prosthesis
A visual prosthesis , many referred to bionic eye , is an experimental visual device that attempts to restore functional vision in those who suffer from [...]
Ciliary processes
The ciliary processes ( TA : processus ciliary ) are about 70 ridges or creases of meridional distribution projecting from the crown of the ciliary body . [...]
Plica semilunaris
The semilunaris plica is a small fold of the conjunctiva on the inner edge of the eye. It works during eye movement, helping to keep the tear drainage [...]