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The pikachurin is a protein of the extracellular matrix of the retina . It was discovered in 2008 by a team of researchers from the Department of Biology [...]
The tabs are each of the hairs that are in the edges of the eyelids to defend the eyes . They help protect the eye from foreign bodies from outside and are [...]
Tear film
The tear film is a formation of three extremely thin layers that cover and protect the eye : Or external lipid layer, provides an oily surface retarding [...]
The eyelid is a fold of skin peer (upper and lower) and moving muscle – mucous covering the eyes. It is composed of the conjunctiva palpebral [...]
Flashing (eyepiece)
The flicker is fast closing and opening of the eyelids . It is an essential function of the eye that helps spread through tears and remove irritants from [...]
Tear papilla
The lacrimal papilla (in Latin : lacrimalis porridge ) is a small lift conical located in the margin of each eyelid , in the basal angles of the lacrimal [...]
Orbital Cavity
The orbital cavities are the two cavities located on both sides of the midline of the face intended to house the eyeballs and their attachments . The bony [...]
Ora serrata
The ora serrata is the most anterior and peripheral portion of the retina , where it comes into contact with other structure of the eye called ciliary body [...]
Simple eye
The simple eyes or ocelli are small photoreceptor structures present in many animals, which function as organs of vision. The term comes from the Latin [...]
Human eye
The eye is an organ that detects light and is the basis of the sense of sight . Its function is basically to transform light energy into electrical signals [...]
Schizochlear eye
The esquizocroales eyes are a type of compound eyes formed by several lenses separated by a material called sclera . 1 This type of eye is a unique order [...]
Compound eye
A compound eye is an organ visual found in certain arthropods like insects and crustacea . The group consists of 12 to several thousand (6,300 Apis [...]
The eye is an organ eye that detects light and converts it into electrochemical impulses that travel through neurons . Cell photoreceptor simplest of [...]
Eye bags
The dark circles , better described in the medical vocabulary as hyperchromia idiopathic orbital ring correspond to discolouring of the skin located under [...]
The oculolinctus (the Latin Oculus , ‚ eye ‚ and the Greek φιλία, Filia: ‚ Love ‚) is the paraphilia regard to the attraction for [...]
Optic nerve
The optic nerve or II cranial nerve is a sensory nerve responsible for transmitting visual information from the retina to the brain . It originates in the [...]
Trochlear nerve
The trochlear nerve (Latin trochlea , pulley, also called pathetic nerve or IV cranial nerve ) is a nerve small head having a motor function as innervating [...]
Oculomotor nerve
The oculomotor nerve , oculomotor nerve (MOC) or III cranial nerve is a cranial nerve . Has a motor and parasympathetic function, it is one of the nerves [...]
Nerve abducens
The abducens nerve , also known as abducens , nerve abducente or VI cranial nerve is the nerve that is generated next to the medulla oblongata and has the [...]
Extrinsic muscles of the eyeball
The extraocular muscles are, as the name suggests, muscles related to the eyeball and that are outside of its own structure. Make a voluntary muscles [...]