Tear sac

9. Februar 2017 - Eye, Ophthalmology

Connect the tear ducts , that drain tears from the eye surface, with nasolacrimal duct driving this fluid into the nasal cavity.

Works primarily when there is a lot of tears, the lacrimal sac pumped in and out, led by the orbicularis oculi , during blinking.

It shaped oval and measures 12 to 15 mm. Long. Its upper part is rounded and closed, while its lower part is continued with the nasolagrimal duct.

On its outer surface it is covered by a fibrous expansion derived from medial palpebral ligament . On its inner surface, crosses the lacrimal part of orbicularis oculi, which is inserted into the apex of the lacrimal bone .

As the tear duct, the lacrimal sac is lined by stratified columnar epithelium goblet cells secreting mucus . It is surrounded by connective tissue .