Tapetum lucidum

9. Februar 2017 - Eye, Ophthalmology

The tapetum lucidum is a fabric layer located on the back of the eye of many animals vertebrates .

It may be located in the retina , or behind it in the choroid . It acts as a mirror reflecting the light rays, thereby increasing the light available to the photoreceptors and improving vision in low light conditions. The tapetum lucidum is responsible that the eyes of some animals, such as cats , glow in the dark. 1

The tapetum lucidum is generally present in those animals whose vision is predominantly diurnal. The human eye does not possess, nor most of the primates, birds, pigs and squirrels. Instead it is in the eye of carnivorous animals, like the cat, that hunt at night and need to have good vision in conditions of poor light. It is also present in dogs , bats , horses , whales , crocodiles and cattle . 1


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