Scopic vision

9. Februar 2017 - Eye, Ophthalmology

The scotopic vision is that visual perception occurs with very low light levels. 1 Visual acuity is low and reception of light is mainly with canes of the retina , which are sensitive coloredblue spectrum (and therefore blind to red ). 2 It is not possible color discrimination in this type of vision is a monochrome vision.


In the retina of the eye human there are two types, sensitive receptor cells area of the electromagnetic spectrum known as light : the rods and cones . Both have different properties and operate under different conditions. 3 There is only one type of canes operating under low light conditions and three types of cones whose preference is to high light intensity.

Another feature of the scotopic vision is that as the rods are in the periphery of the retina (about 6 of the fovea 4 ) is a peripheral visual perception.


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