Ophthalmologists of Spain of the 21st century

Isacio Siguero Zurdo
Isacio Siguero Zurdo (n . Segovia , March 3, 1942) is an ophthalmologist , and has been President of the Medical Association of Spain (16/04/2005 – [...]
Antonio Alcala Malave
Alcalá Antonio Malave ( Malaga , Spain , 1964) is a neuroscientist, an expert in brain chemistry, biology and neuronal DNA. Specialist in ophthalmology and [...]
Manuel Sanchez Salorio
Manuel Sanchez Salorio ( La Coruña , 1930) is an ophthalmologist and medical humanist Spanish who set a Spanish scientific school now known as Galician [...]
Jeroni Nadal
Jeroni Nadal is an eye surgeon and head of the macular vitreous-retinal Unit in the Department of Ophthalmology Barraquer Centro, Barcelona. He has [...]
Luis Fernández-Vega Diego
Luis Fernández-Vega Diego ( 30 as January as 1923 , 1 Oviedo , Asturias – 22 as August as 2010 ) 2 3 was an ophthalmologist Spanish . He studied at [...]
Rafael Ignacio Barraquer Compte
Rafael Ignacio Barraquer Compte ( Barcelona , May 25th of 1956 ) forms the fourth generation of the saga of ophthalmologists Barraquer with her sister [...]