Eye reflexes

Lobby-eyelid Reflection
The vestibulo-ocular reflex ( RVO ) or oculovestibular reflection is a reflection of eye movement that stabilizes images on the retina during head [...]
Oculo-cardiac reflex
The oculo-cardiac reflex , also conociodo as phenomenon Aschner , reflecting Aschner , or reflection of Aschner-Dagnini , it is a reflex that causes [...]
Reflection of accommodation
This reflex also called engine allows an eye correctly see both near and distant objects. Features For an image is clearly formed in the eye, it is [...]
Flashing (eyepiece)
The flicker is fast closing and opening of the eyelids . It is an essential function of the eye that helps spread through tears and remove irritants from [...]
Photomotor reflection
The light reflex , a function of the parasympathetic nervous system that controls the entry of light into the eye , is the contraction of the pupil in [...]
Corneal reflex
The corneal reflex is an involuntary blink of the eyelids elicited by stimulation of the cornea , being touched by an examiner or by a foreign body, for [...]
Reflection of accommodation
 The accommodation reflex , of accommodation , of closeness or accommodative-convergence 1 is a reflex of the eye , which is the responsible approach of [...]