Disorders of the eye muscles

The presbyopia (the Greek πρέσβυς ‚old‘), also known as farsightedness , is an eye defect associated with age that usually occurs between 40-45 [...]
The myopia (the Greek μύω, „getting (eyes)“ and ὄψ, „eye“ ) is a refractive defect of the eye in which rays of light parallel [...]
The farsightedness (from the words Greek υπερ, hyper meaning „above“, μέτρον, metron „measure“ and ὄψ, eye ) is an ocular [...]
The strabismus is the deviation of alignment of an eye relative to each other, preventing the fixing bifocal. This prevents you from fixing the eyes of [...]
In ophthalmology and optometric the astigmatism (the Greek ἀ- „no“ and στιγμή „point“) is an eye defect characterized in that there [...]
The amblyopia (Greek ἀμβλύς [ amblýs ], ‚weak‘ and ὄψ [ ops ], ‚eye‘) is a decrease in visual acuity without there being any [...]
Optical aberrations of the eye
The eye, like any other optical system, suffers from a series of specific optical aberrations. The optical quality of the eye is limited by optical [...]