Braille Keyboard
A braille keyboard is an electronic device that is connected to another device, allows the introduction of Braille code in it. The braille displays are [...]
Digital audio player
A digital audio player is a device that stores, organizes and plays files of digital audio . It is commonly referred to as MP3 player , MP3 player , or [...]
Orca (software)
Orca is a screen reader for free software flexible and extensible, developed by the project GNOME for blind or visually impaired people. Through the [...]
Screen Magnifier
A screen magnifier (or screen magnification system) is a software that displays images on the screen in a larger size. This is a type of assistive [...]
Braille line
A braille display is an electronic device that can output content in braille code from another device, which is connected, allowing a blind or visually [...]
Screen reader
A screen reader is an application software that tries to identify and interpret what is displayed on screen . This interpretation is shown below the user [...]
JAWS (software)
JAWS ( acronym for Job Access With Speech ) is a software reader screen for blind or people with reduced vision . It is a product of Blind and Low Vision [...]
Braille printer
A Braille printer is an electronic device that allows you to print text and images using simple percussive points on paper and other similar media. [...]
Gnopernicus is an application desktop environment free part of the project Accessibility GNOME . It is an assistive technology for users blind or vision [...]
The eyeborg or eye-borg is a cybernetic device that is typically installed on the user’s head and is designed to be able to hear colors using sound [...]
Driver Chain Manager
Driver Chain Manager ( DCM ) is a Microsoft technology that makes it easy to install and work with multiple assistive technologies that use the driver [...]
Braille device
For Braille device (E) is part of any electronic device that serves for generating system performance or braille , both physically and virtually. We can [...]
The typhlotechnology is the set of theories and techniques that enable the practical use of technological knowledge applied to blind or low vision . It is [...]