The deafblindness is a unique disability that combines two shortcomings: the visual impairment and hearing impairment . The Perkins for blind school in the [...]
Spanish Deafblindness Association
The Deafblind Association of Spain , is a non – profit organization that began its activities in 1993, with the purpose to find, create and promote [...]
Marie Heurtin
Marie Heurtin (born April 13, 1885 in Vertou, France ) was a woman deafblind congenital (birth). She is known for appearing in the diary of Sister [...]
George III of the United Kingdom
Jorge III of the United Kingdom ( 4 of June of 1738 – 29 of January of 1820 ) was King of Great Britain and Ireland from the 25 of October of 1760 to [...]
Helen Keller
Helen Adams Keller ( Tuscumbia , Alabama , 27 as June as 1880 – Easton , Connecticut , 1 as June as 1968 ) was a writer , speaker and political [...]
Usher Syndrome
The Usher syndrome , also known as Hallgren syndrome or Usher-Hallgren syndrome is a rare genetic disorder associated with a mutation in one of the ten [...]