Japanese Braille
The system braille Japanese is based on the original Braille system for writing the Japanese language . In Japanese it is known as tenji ( 点字? Literally [...]
Power Strip
The Sor strip 1 2 is an apparatus consisting of a strip and a stylus , designed and patented on July 5, 1909 by Maria del Carmen Ortiz de Arce ((? – [...]
Braille Esperanto
The braille Esperanto is the Braille alphabet used for Esperanto . Esperanto magazine in Braille, Auroro , has been published since 1920 and another [...]
Braille Spanish
Braille Spanish , is the Braille alphabet used for Spanish . It consists of 256 coded linguistic patterns. The Braille Spanish alphabet is based on French [...]
Chinese Braille
The Chinese Braille is a type of braille used in the People ’s Republic of China for Mandarin Chinese. 1 The basic consonants and final letters in [...]
Albanian Braille
The Albanian Braille like other Braille alphabets with Latin characters are based on international signografía braille. The Albanian signografía Braille is [...]