Eye surgeons

William Wilde
Sir William Robert Wills Wilde MD, FRCSI (March 1815-19 April 1876) was an Irish eye and ear surgeon, as well as an author of significant works on [...]
Rosa Welt-Straus
Rosa Welt-Straus (1856-1938) was a suffragist and feminist. [1] Born in Austria , she was the first girl in That Country to graduate from high school, and [...]
Jonathan Wathen-Waller
Sir Jonathan Wathen Waller, 1st Baronet , GCH (6 October 1769-1 January 1853) was an eye surgeon Inglés, WHO practiced in London During The Latter part of [...]
Avi Wallerstein
Dr. Avi Wallerstein is a board certified Canadian ophthalmologist and laser eye surgeon WHO specializes in surgical vision correction, refractive eye [...]
Patrick Trevor-Roper
Patrick Dacre Trevor-Roper (7 June 1916-22 April 2004), British eye surgeon and pioneer gay rights activist, was one of the first people in the United [...]
John Taylor (oculist)
„Chevalier“ John Taylor (1703-1772) was the first in a long line of British eye surgeons. While there is some evidence [ citation needed ] That [...]
Noshir M. Shroff
Noshir Minoo Shroff is an Indian ophthalmologist, known as a pioneer of intraocular lens implantation surgery in India and the Medical Director of Shroff [...]
Rida Said
Dr. Rida Said ( Arabic : رضا سعيد ) (1876-1945) was a Syrian eye surgeon and businessman, WHO in 1922, founded the Syrian University, the first university [...]
Sanduk Ruit
Dr. Sanduk Ruit ( Nepali सन्दुक रुइत) is an award-winning Nepali eye surgeon Whose small-incision cataract surgery, intraocular lenses Which Utilizes [...]
Perry Rosenthal
Perry Rosenthal (born September 2, 1933) is a Canadian-born American eye surgeon and professor of ophthalmology , Known for His work in the development of [...]
Douglas Argyll Robertson
Douglas Cooper Lamb Moray Argyll Robertson FRSE (1837-3 January 1909) was a Scottish ophthalmologist and surgeon . Argyll Robertson pupil is named after [...]
Perugu Siva Reddy
Perugu Siva Reddy (12 September 1920-6 September 2005) was a renowned eye surgeon from Andhra Pradesh , India . I have completed His MBBS degree in 1946 [...]
Marguerite McDonald
Marguerite McDonald is an eye surgeon WHO in 1987 Performed the first excimer laser treatment. [1] In 1993 she Became the first to use to treat [...]
Robert MacLaren
Robert E. MacLaren FRCOph FRCS VR is an Inglés ophthalmologist . He is Professor of Ophthalmology at the University of Oxford [1] and Honorary Professor of [...]
Andrew Lam (ophthalmologist)
Andrew Lam, MD (born 1976) is an American retinal surgeon and author. [1] He is Currently an Assistant Professor of Ophthalmology at Tufts University [...]
Ali Asghar Khodadoust
Ali Asghar Khodadoust ( Persian : علیاصغر خدادوست ) (1935-) is an Iranian eye surgeon specializing in corneal transplantation , In whose honor the [...]
M Aslam Khan Malik
Asalam M. K. Malik (December 4, 1933 – January 9, 2008) was a professor and Ophthalmologist in Pakistan . He was a Professor of Ophthalmology , [...]
Vandana Jain
Dr. Vandana Jain is an Indian Cornea, Cataract and Lasik Eye Specialist. She is the founding Director of Advanced Eye Hospital in Navi Mumbai. Medical [...]
Farhad Hafezi
Farhad Hafezi (born 1967 in Remscheid , Germany ) is a Swiss eye surgeon and researcher. From 1994 Until 2004 Hafezi was Recognized as a leading researcher [...]
Govindappa Venkataswamy
Govindappa Venkataswamy (October 1, 1918 – July 7, 2006) was an Indian ophthalmologist and 1973 recipient of Padma Shri award. Dr Venkataswamy was [...]